Planning your holiday dinner? Hop on over to the Strack & Van Til Meat Department for an Easter parade of ham, lamb, beef and turkey.

Tap into tradition and delight your guests with the deliciousness of tender ham.

“Your local Strack & Van Til Meat Department has the largest selection of smoked hams in the Midwest,” says department Director Gary Teachman. “Choose from bone-in and boneless, spiral sliced and fully cooked, or easy-to-carve and simple-to-cook hams, in various sizes.”

Smithfield Hickory Smoked Ham Portion is naturally hardwood smoked, gluten-free and fully cooked. Perfect for a big family, this large ham is great and available at an excellent price, notes Teachman.

Prefer a spiral-sliced ham? The Meat Department has some enjoyable options. You’ll find Cure 81, Hillshire Farm, Sugardale, Cook’s and Best Choice, available in tasty flavors from honey to brown-sugar glazed.

For a truly mouth-watering delicacy, step up to a Smithfield Hickory Smoked Bone-in Spiral Sliced Half Ham. This naturally hickory smoked, spiral sliced, hand-trimmed, fully cooked succulent ham has natural juices and includes a packet of glaze. Look for it in the red foil package.

“Enjoy the ultimate in southern sweetness with the pecan praline-coated Smithfield Spiral Sliced Ham,” Teachman adds. “The special flavor is unforgettable.”

The Strack & Van Til Meat Department also carries flavorful, traditional quality hams including Hillshire Spiral Sliced in several flavors and Fleur De Lis Premium Hardwood Smoked Ham.

Check out the boneless Kentucky Legend ham that boasts a delightful smoked flavor. Choose a half or whole ham for a larger celebration, and a Kentucky Legend Petite Ham for a smaller gathering: All are easy to carve and cook. Plus, you’ll find a digital coupon for $3 off a half or whole Kentucky Legend Ham.

Looking to serve something different for your holiday feast? The Meat Department is your source for the best Certified Angus Beef roasts such as bottom round rump roast, top round roast, eye of round roast or sirloin tip roast. Indulge in a Certified Angus Beef Choice Standing Rib Roast or the finest cut Certified Angus Beef Prime Boneless Rib Eye Roast. Prime beef is the most tender and juicy meat grade and of all the beef produced in the U.S., only 2% is USDA certified prime.

Lamb lover? Opt for a whole or half leg or a rack of USA-raised Chiappetti Lamb for a special treat.

If you want to keep it simple, try turkey. Jennie-O Boneless Turkey Breast cooks in the bag and Butterball fully cooked oven-roasted turkey breast just needs to be warmed in the oven.

What the best way to crown your Easter meal? Freshly baked bread and sweets from the Strack & Van Til Bakery Department. Serve delectable desserts including decorated cakes, rich pastries and gourmet cupcakes that will tempt your taste buds.

“Our Indiana Made bakery products are made from scratch every day,” says Bakery Department Director Tim Calderone. “You can really taste the difference.”

The Strack & Van Til Bakery is your source for sweet favorites for Easter, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, plus some new items for spring. Check your local store for new Signature Coffee Cakes – premium cakes filled with whole, fresh fruit, made “open-faced” to expose the filling. Cinnamon raisin bread, a customer favorite that’s scratch-made from a time-honored Strack & Van Til formula, is being reintroduced. Have a taste for a sweet treat but don’t want leftovers tempting you all week? Single-serving desserts, including cake and pie slices, individual store-made doughnuts, cookies and more will allow you to pace yourself.

Be sure to visit your local Strack & Van Til and fill your cart with everything you need for your holiday meal. From the main course to the sides and desserts, Strack & Van Til is your one-stop Easter shop.