Fresh Produce

Weighing your options for fruits and vegetables? There’s no better place for produce than Strack & Van Til! From everyday favorites like crunchy apples, sweet juicy oranges, bountiful bunches of bananas, crisp lettuce and succulent tomatoes to exotic varieties, specialty items and herbs, we have everything you need get your daily five servings. You’ll always enjoy high-quality fresh produce because we purchase in volume directly from growers and shippers, as well as support local farms.

Fresh Cut Fruit and Vegetable program:

Trying to eat healthy on the go or just looking for a way to pare down your meal prep time? Simplify your life with our wide array of fruits and vegetables, freshly cut and sold in conveniently sized containers.

Expanded Organic category:

Take advantage of the health benefits of eating naturally with our newly expanded selection of fresh, flavorful organic veggies and fruit. Sourced from sustainable farms to help preserve our natural ecosystem.

Coloma Frozen Fruits and Vegetables—no preservatives or additives:

Easy to use and store Coloma Frozen fruits and vegetables are ideal for baking and cooking. They’re flash frozen to seal in their natural flavor and packaged without preservatives or additives.

“Albanese Candy” line:

Find an assortment of the Region’s very own Albanese Candy products right in the Strack & Van Til produce department. Choose from sweet or salty treats in handy packages.

New & expanded Herb program:

Seasonings are the spice of life. That’s why Strack & Van Til offers new and expanded fresh herb choices. Whether savory or spicy, you’re sure to discover the perfect herbs in our produce department that will enhance the flavor of your meals.

Organic Girl, Fresh Express, Taylor Farms, Bright Farms & Ready Pac

Tossing around salad ideas? Mix and match our wide variety of packaged salads for an endless combination of multiple types of lettuce, spinach and leafy greens. Delicious, nutritious and freshly organic.