Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Safety & Product Recall

Q: Do you have any information on product recalls?
Your health and safety is important to us. When a product recall is issued we remove these products from our stores as quickly as possible. Should you have any questions about any item we carry, please speak with your local store manager. To view the latest product recall information, please visit .

Weekly Circular

Q: Why am I having trouble viewing your weekly ad online?
You may have an old or out of date web browser. Our website is designed to work best with current web browsers supported by Google, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Bing and Safari. If you’re experiencing problems seeing content, please check to make sure you’re using the most current version of one of these web browsers.
Q: The website's content is small and hard to read on my screen. Why does the website appear small on my device?
We’ve designed our website to automatically adjust the size of content based on the screen size you’re using. This includes PC computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. If on a PC you can easily increase (or decrease) the size of content by holding down “Ctrl” and using the scroll button on your mouse. On a tablet or mobile phone simply “stretch” the screen size by pinching and expanding your fingers while touching the screen to make the content bigger or smaller.
Q: Why do the scroll arrows appear and disappear?
If you’re having trouble navigating to the next page simply click the “download weekly ad” button at the top of the page. This will present you with a PDF version of the ad you can scroll through quickly and easily. You can save and print the PDF version of the weekly ad as well.
Q: When do the new weekly ads post to the website?
Most often, the Sneak Peek for the next week’s ads are live on Tuesday, and the sales in this ad go live on Wednesday, but holidays and sales events may impact this and result in a new ads being released on a day other than Tuesday.
Q: I am receiving an 'Oops that page can't be found' message. What does this mean?
Sometimes the IGG, LLC team removes pages from our website when it’s content is no longer valid. Sometimes website visitors will see this type of message when those pages have been removed. Try “refreshing” the page or navigating from the main menu. If the problem persists, please feel free to contact us and let us know the page and content you were trying to find.
Q: What day are Sneak Peeks of the weekly ad available?
The sneak peek of the weekly ad is generally available every Tuesday. The release of our ads may vary based on holidays and events that happen throughout the year.
Q: What happened to the Weekly Ad Sneak Peek? Why can't I see the Sneak Peek buttons?
Please reload and refresh our weekly ad web page. Frequently web browsers cache content sometimes causing older content to appear. Reloading or refreshing the webpage solves this problem for most occurrences. If the problem persists, one of two things may be the cause. 1). You are using and old or out of date browser. Please check with your web browser for an update. Or 2). You are trying to find the Sneak Peek on a day it isn’t available. Please check the effective dates listed online above each week’s ad. The Sneak Peak is only available the last day of the current ad. While this is often a Tuesday because our new ads are regularly released every Wednesday, holidays and sales events may impact this and result in a new ad being released on a day other than Tuesday.
Q: Why am I seeing last week's ad?
If you’re seeing a version of the weekly ad that’s not current, try one of these quick fixes to resolve the issue:

  • Refresh your browser. Press F5 to reload the weekly ad page.
  • Clear your temporary Internet files. Close your browser, reopen and navigate to the new weekly ad.
  • If you’re still unable to see the updated version of the weekly ad, please contact us so we can research and address the issue.
Q: How do I get your weekly ad in the mail? I'm not receiving the weekly ad in my newspaper.
The fastest and easiest way to view our weekly ad is to do so online. You can easily pick one up from our stores if you prefer to have a hard copy. If you’d like to have the weekly ad delivered to you fill out the “contact” us form and request we add you to our weekly ad mailing list.
Q: My weekly ad doesn't arrive until later in the week, why?
Our weekly ad is distributed by two methods: 1). In newspapers, our goal is to deliver them Tuesday or Wednesday to people who subscribe to them or 2). via mailbox through Red Plum (IL) or Your Times (IN), which are sent to consumers who don’t subscribe to the paper. Sometimes mail copies of our weekly ad may be delivered by the Postal Service later in the week. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee when the ads arrive, as this is outside of our control. Our vendor partners are in regular contact with the postal service, but often we are unable to determine the exact amount of time it makes for our ads to make it to your mailbox. Please speak to your newspaper delivery person or mail carrier directly if you believe they should be delivering your ad sooner.

Login, Password and Online Support

Q: I have registered with the site before, why is my login not working?
When we re-launched our new websites we switched service providers and privacy laws prevented us from importing your old password. This is why all users were required to reset their passwords.
Q: Where can I locate a store near me?
You can find a store near you by selecting “Locations” on the main navigation menu. When you click on it, a drop-down menu will appear where you can choose the store location nearest you.
Q: Can I save my store information
Yes. When you log in to your account you should be able to save your location for the store you shop.
Q: Do I need to login to view Weekly Ads?
No. You don’t need to login to view our weekly ads. Just click the button at the top of the page that says “WEEKLY AD” and select the store location you shop.
Q: Why have you discontinued the shooping list feature?
Unfortunately, while transitioning our website we were unable to keep the shopping list feature. We are working to replace the shopping list tool in the future with a new and improved version that will allow our customers to create and print their shopping list with ease.
Q: Where can I find coupons?
We removed coupons from the site but you can still find them online at . Coupons will be reintroduced to customers in the coming months. Shoppers who login will receive more relevant and personalized offers based on your shopping habits and preferences.

Jobs & Community Support

Q: I have registered with the site before, why is my login not working?
We are always looking for motivated, energetic people to join our team. You can see all open positions and apply within the company here: Available Positions 
Q: Do you know where I can request a donation for a charitable event?

Click the “Contact Us” link on the main navigation. From there you can fill out the form on the right side of the page requesting the donation.

Q: Where can I make a request for products that are not carried in stores?

Click the “Contact Us” link on the main navigation. From there you can fill out the form on the right side of the page to request the products.


Q: How can I check my gift card balance?

Check your gift card balance by calling 1-888-892-3813.

Q: Where can I find more information about Strack & Van Til's relationship with Instacart?

Instacart is a pilot program that is available in select stores. Instacart currently offers curbside pick-up and delivery for select Strack & Van Til locations. To shop Instacart you will need to login and/or create an account on the Instacart website: