​Michigan Apples

Welcome autumn with delicious Michigan Apples from Strack & Van Til. Choose from a bounteous fall harvest – freshly picked, straight from the orchard. Sourced locally from Berrien Springs, Mich., these are high-quality, seasonal apples with differing degrees of sweetness or tartness. This makes some better for cooking and baking and others ideal for snacking. Find a great crop of freshly picked Michigan apples, available in three-pound bags throughout the season in the Strack & Van Til Produce Department.

Varieties available are:


The sweetest apple in the apple hierarchy, with a bit of tartness and low acid content, so they’re perfect for fresh eating. Fujis originated in Japan in the 1930s and arrived in America during the 1960s. The bonus? Stored properly, Fujis will stay crisp for weeks.


Looking for a great baking apple? Gala is Michigan’s third most popular apple for fresh eating, cooking or baking. Its mellow sweetness means no extra sugar is needed for recipes, and it’s perfect for apple pie, cookies, muffins and other desserts because it holds its shape in the cooking process. Gala apples originated in New Zealand in 1934 and were introduced in the U.S. in the 1970s.


The darling of autumn, this apple combines an unusual color and excellent sweet flavor with a great bite. Originally from Minnesota, Honeycrisp prosper in Michigan because of the cool climate. Eat them fresh, sliced or cut up to add flavor to salads.

Golden Delicious

The most popular yellow apple, Golden Delicious rounds out the extra sweet varieties, with a gingery-smooth taste under a thin skin. Eat them fresh or cut-up in salads. Professional bakers prefer Golden Delicious for applesauce or cider, baking pies and other desserts. They also freeze well for later.

Red Delicious

America’s most popular apple was discovered more than 100 years ago in Iowa and grow well in Michigan’s climate and soil. Red Delicious is famously known for the “five little bumps” on the bottom. Full-flavored with a sweet taste, yellowish flesh and crisp texture, Red Delicious are best for fresh eating and snacks.


For a crispy and juicy apple with a bit of tartness and sweetness, opt for Jonagold. Typically large, with a pleasant aroma, Jonagold is highly ranked by apple connoisseurs.


Originally discovered in Woodstock, N.Y., Jonathans thrive in Michigan’s cooler climate. Their juicy flavor is ideal for fresh eating and their spicy tang blends well with other apples, so they’re perfect for cooking.


The large, round McIntosh is most commonly eaten out of hand. Its ultra-juicy white flesh, lightly tart flavor and fresh apple aroma liven up salads and make delicious applesauce, pies and cider.