Our Own Brands


Do you know that you can find products comparable to manufacturers’ brands but at a fraction of the price? Strack & Van Til carries a wide variety of private label brand items that go easy on your wallet without compromising taste or quality. Select from Best Choice®, Clearly by Best Choice™ (organic and gluten-free) and Always Save® products the next time you shop and watch the savings add up.

Strack & Van Til Brand:

Yes! Strack & Van Til offers its own brand of many items–products that have to be good enough to earn the Strack & Van Til name and live up to the reputation that Ernie Strack and Nick Van Til built their business on, starting in 1959. Today, you can find Strack & Van Til brand coffee, made from Arabica and Columbian beans–in eight flavors and ground in a bag or in K-Cups. Strack & Van Til brand Breakfast Sausage helps you greet the day, and fresh meat, chicken and sausage are ideal for cooking indoors or out. Try seasonings, spices and rubs, and even Strack & Van Til water. All top quality and all an excellent value.

Best Choice:

Best Choice® is, well, the best choice for products with high quality and low prices. Best Choice items are tested to make sure they meet or exceed the standards of leading national brands. With offerings for the pantry to the freezer, the medicine cabinet to the cleaning supplies closet, and everything in between, you can find Best Choice merchandise for every area of your home at your Strack & Van Til store. And, since they’re backed by a 100% guarantee, you can trust them to be your best choice.

Clearly By Best Choice™:

If you’re eating organic, going gluten-free, prefer plant-based or simply keeping an eye on ingredients, Clearly by Best Choice™ can help support your healthy lifestyle. Plus, they’re 100% guaranteed and priced to maintain your budget’s health. Clearly Organic® products are made according to the federal guidelines for organic agriculture and certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Clearly by Best Choice Gluten-Free products are free of the proteins found in wheat, rye, barley and triticale, and Strack & Van Til carries many Clearly by Best Choice products that are labeled “Free From 100+” artificial preservatives and unworthy ingredients.

Always Save:

Have you noticed the bright yellow packaging with the Always Save® smile on the Strack & Van Til shelves? That’s a sign that you’re about to save money! Everyday low prices and a 100% quality guarantee mean you’ll get the best value in the aisle. You’ll find hundreds of staple items across the store, at a price you can smile about, too!