Rewards Program

Rewards made easy:   The Strack & Van Til Rewards Program is an extra benefit we offer our customers. Customers can take advantage of extra deals from manufacturers and be eligible for rewards and/or giveaways.


  • Digital coupons
  • Shopping deals and prize offers
  • Earn points to redeem for discounted &/or free products
  • Targeted offers based on previous purchases
  • Shopping clubs
  • MUCH more

How does it work?

  • Download our app on Google Play Store or (iTunes) App Store or access SVT REWARDS from the website
  • Create your account
  • Enter your phone number at the register or show the barcode from the app on your phone to enjoy your personal savings

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are digital coupons?
    1. Digital Coupons are savings that manufacturers pass on to customers in the form of a digital coupon.
    2. To take advantage of these digital coupons, a customer must create a Rewards account via our website (click on SVT Rewards at or by downloading our app. Download the Strack & Van Til app in the Google Play Store or (iTunes) App Store.
    3. After logging into your account, scroll through and clip the coupons you would like to use. By clicking the Clip button on the coupon, it will be downloaded to your account.
      • If a coupon requiring points is clipped, the points will automatically be deducted from your account – whether or not the coupon is redeemed.
      • Customers are responsible for any applicable tax.
    4. At the checkout, enter your phone number on the payment terminal (or show the barcode in the app) and purchase the product(s). The applicable digital coupon(s) will automatically be pulled from your account and applied to your order.
    5. Digital coupons can only be used one time, unless otherwise noted.
  1. What are the points for and do they expire?
    1. You earn 5 points for every dollar you spend. You can redeem these points for discounted and/or free products.
    2. Points are awarded for qualifying purchases which includes all items sold in store except prescriptions, tobacco and tobacco-related products, alcohol, lottery, and prepaid or gift cards. (*)
    3. Points expire 90 days after issuance. Details regarding points, purchases, and adjustments may be found by selecting Rewards then clicking the ‘see details’ button of the Points section.
  1. What are Clubs and Offers?
    1. Manufacturers will provide extra deals to customers that are loyal to their brand which we pass along in the form of a Club or an Offer.  An example of a club:  purchase 10 bags of a specific salad within the required time limit and receive a free bag of salad on your next shopping trip.  An example of an offer:  purchase 4 boxes of a specific brand of cereal and receive a free gallon of milk.  Offers generally require all items to be purchased in the same transaction.  Clubs and Offers don’t require you to clip any coupon.  They are automatically activated with the purchase of the required item(s) – providing you entered your phone number or scanned the barcode.
  1. What if I did not receive points at the time of my purchase?
    1. Present receipt to customer service. Points will be added for receipts provided 14 days or less of the purchase date.
  1. Can I ‘unclip’ coupons?
    1. Yes, coupon are able to be unclipped 
  1. Why are coupons visible for products not sold?
    1. Every effort is made to only display coupons for products carried.  On occasion, coupons may be shown for products out of stock or discontinued.
  2. Will my personal information be sold?
    1. No. The Rewards Program and your information is owned by our store and managed by the program developer. It is not shared with third parties except to the extent necessary to administer the rewards program.
  3. Can I ‘unclip’ coupons?
    1. Yes, coupon are able to be unclipped 
  4. Do I need a Rewards card?
    1. No, simply enter your phone number or show the bar code from the app to be scanned.
  5. Can I share my rewards?
    1. No, Rewards are not transferable.
  6. Can I choose not to provide an email address?
    1. An email is required to be eligible for all the features of the program.  Without the necessary information, you will be unable to collect or redeem discounts.
  7. Why has my account been inactivated?
    1. Indiana Grocery Group, LLC (dba Strack & Van Til) has the right to inactivate a Rewards account for any misuse and/or activity that is deemed fraudulent or deceptive.
    2. The use of the Strack & Van Til Rewards account is limited to personal purchases only. Grocery Delivery Service personnel are forbidden to use their personal rewards account for purchases made on behalf of our customers. At a minimum, the Rewards account will be inactivated. Grocery Delivery Service representatives must also consult guidelines and requirements set forth by the company for which they are employed.
  8. How do I know the progress of my purchases for a club?
    1. Details about Clubs are found in the Rewards section of the program.
      1. App: Tap Digital Coupons, then select Rewards
      2. Website: Select Rewards

NOTE: While in the Rewards section, you are also able to see details about your Points. Simpley select see details nect to your point balance in the Rewards section.

(*) Points are awarded for Qualifying Purchases (“Qualifying Purchases”) that currently includes all items sold in the store except prescriptions, tobacco and tobacco-related products, alcohol, lottery, and prepaid or gift cards.  This list is not all inclusive and is subject to change.  In addition, points or rewards may not be used to purchase any of the items previously listed.  We reserve the right to decrease a Member’s qualifying purchase balance in the event a Member returns an item (assuming the purchase of such item had previously been credited towards such Member’s balance).