The next time you visit the Deli Department in your local Strack & Van Til Food Market, be sure to smile and say, “cheese.” That’s because delicious and distinctive Shullsburg Cheeses are enough to make anyone happy. You get the picture …

Welcome to a taste of Wisconsin. The Strack & Van Til Deli brings dairy goodness straight from the Shullsburg Creamery to our customers in Northwest Indiana, with cheese to please every palate.

“We have styles and flavors that are perfect for everyone’s taste and every occasion, available in the majority of our stores,” said Deli Department Director, Kristin Snow. “You’ll taste the difference that over 80 years of cheesemaking expertise makes when you take each mouthwatering bite.”

There’s a Shullsburg Cheese for those who enjoy a taste of the “trendy” to those who prefer timeless traditional varieties.

Enjoy a unique twist on the everyday and experience exceptional artisanal cut and wrapped cheeses such as Three-Pepper Marble Cheddar, Bourbon Pepper, rich Chocolate, Jack and Dill, Maple Bacon Cheddar, tangy Buffalo Wing, sweet Blueberry, Cranberry Chipotle and Salsa Cheddars.

“Brun-Uusto baked cheeses also known as bread cheeses, which are baked to form a tasty crust similar to toasted bread,” Snow said. “These cheese delicacies have a buttery flavor that comes to life when fried on a griddle and served warm.”

Nothing enhances the flavor of crackers or veggies than the perfect cheese spread. Shullsburg Creamery cheese is available at Strack & Van Til in multiple flavors of cold pack cheese cups and Brewster cheese spreads including bacon, Swiss, garden vegetable, port wine, chipotle, garlic, horseradish and smoked, white or regular cheddar.

For those with a classic appetite, the Strack & Van Til Deli now carries cut and wrapped Shullsburg cheeses such as Colby Jack, Colby, mild or sharp cheddar, Muenster and a variety loaf. There are also Shullsburg Creamery string cheeses and party cubed cheeses that pair perfectly with its beef sticks and summer sausages. Serve them on special occasions or simply indulge in them as satisfying snacks.

Remember those cheese curds you enjoyed on vacation in Wisconsin? You’ll find them in the Strack & Van Til Deli Department. Shullsburg Creamery’s cheese curds are available in a variety of flavors including Buffalo, garlic, smoked, yellow, white or mixed curds.

The folks at Shullsburg Creamery say their “cheese making heritage runs deep.” The company was established in 1937 and continues to produce cheese with the same attention to quality and craftsmanship as when it started. Because the company is owned by family dairy farmers who supply their milk to the manufacturing facilities, Shullsburg cheese is made with the finest, fresh pure milk.

Have a craving for cheese? Visit the Strack & Van Til Deli Department for Shullsburg Cheese, “the taste of old fashion goodness.”