Winter break is over, and it’s time for the kids to go back to school. Your local Strack & Van Til Food Market makes returning to class easier by offering lunch options, quick breakfast ideas and simple snacks that will earn an A+.

Start with lunchmeats and cheeses sliced the way you like them in the Deli Department or skip the wait, and pick up Grab-and-Go pre-packaged varieties.

“Let us know what meats and cheeses you prefer for your perfect sandwich, and we’ll slice them – thick, thin or shaved – at our deli service counter,” says Deli Director Kristin Snow. “Choose items to make popular sandwiches like ham and Swiss, turkey and Colby Jack or bologna and American cheese or mix up the flavor with specialty meats and cheeses.”

Make the midday meal a bit more special with spicy Cubano smoked ham, cherrywood smoked ham, herb and garlic chicken breast, Cajun turkey and more. Pair them with King’s Hawaiian sandwich breads or with an assortment of pita bread or wraps. The Strack & Van Til Deli even offers Atoria brand cauliflower coconut wraps for the carb conscious.

Short on time? Try pre-made sandwiches.

“The Deli Department offers a selection of kids’ box lunches, which include two King’s Hawaiian mini sandwiches made with ham or turkey, a bag of individual chips with a dessert snack and a juice box in a clever lunch box for only $4.49,” notes Snow. “Many adults also love this no-hassle and all-inclusive lunch.”

Other options include a $5 store-made sub on freshly delivered Turano rolls in Italian, ham or turkey varieties or a half sub for only $3. Complete the sandwich with snacking cheeses by Mini BabyBel, Laughing Cow wedges or dippers or Belgioioso artisan cheeses. There are also deli string cheeses, cheese curds and cheese crisps. Add a Van Holten Pickle or an Oh Snap! Pickle, carrots, cool beans or pickled peas and you’ve got the ideal midday meal.

Director of Center Store Tom Steliga adds that Strack & Van Til is offering bonus Box Tops for Education this week.

“Buy five participating items and earn 50 bonus box tops,” he notes. “Save participating box tops and turn them in to your school so they can earn supplies for teachers and students.”
Strack & Van Til Sales Manager Mike Nisevich says to check the aisles for ready-to-eat breakfast and healthy snack options, plus quick heat-and-eat meal solutions “We work from dawn to dusk to make going back to class easier,” he says.

Getting ready to go back to school doesn’t need to feel like being unprepared for a pop quiz. Let your local Strack & Van Til grocery store help you make the grade with everything you need to make school lunchtime a happy time.