What’s the best thing since sliced bread? Finding high-quality groceries (including bread!) at low prices. That’s the kind of value you’ll find when you shop at your local Strack & Van Til Food Market.

The aisles at your local store are packed with two great private label brands available every day at all Strack’s locations.

“Best Choice and Always Save are Strack & Van Til’s ‘own brands’ and not only will they save you money, they’re both backed by a 100% guarantee or your money back,” said Director of Center Store Tom Steliga.

Feed your family and stock your home with quality products at affordable prices. Choose from thousands of Best Choice items across Strack’s Grocery, Dairy, Frozen and Health and Beauty Departments.

With more than 2,100 items in store, Best Choice selections are of equal or higher quality than leading national brands but offer customers a better value. Best Choice products are priced lower because they don’t carry the advertising and promotional costs of the national brands.

“Give Best Choice items a try,” Steliga said. “We’re confident that you’ll think our Best Choice brand products are as good as or better than the national brands.”

If you’re on a tight budget, Strack & Van Til’s Always Save brand is a great economic alternative for customers who want the best price with consistent quality. There’s no need to travel from store to store and spend extra time and gas money to get the best deal. Buying Always Save products is like shopping at a discount food retailer right in your local Strack & Van Til store. Plus, Strack & Van Til stocks more than 300 Always Save items so it’s easy to find just what you need.

“You can find Always Save products in the same section as their national brand equivalent in the Strack’s Grocery, Frozen, Dairy and Lunchmeat Departments,” Steliga added. “Our quality-tested Always Save products are staple items on many of our customers’ shopping lists every week.”

“Strack & Van Til’s goal is to offer you and your family the high quality you expect from nationally branded products, at everyday low prices,” said Chief Marketing & Merchandising Officer Michael Tyson. “Best Choice and Always Save help our customers stay within their budget and are another way that Strack & Van Til makes people’s lives easier through feeding them.”