Trendy diets abound in America. Finding the right meal plan that is sustainable for your lifestyle is important. A gluten-free diet plan removes foods containing the protein found in wheat and others grains like barley and rye. A healthy gluten-free diet focuses on vegetables, meat, eggs, and fruit. People with Celiac disease must maintain a strict gluten-free diet to avoid nausea and other serious medical complications.

One of the main reasons this diet grew in popularity is that gluten is hidden in many processed foods. Baked goods, pasta, cereal, and mainly white flour are high-gluten food products. Many people found that avoiding these foods made them feel better and improved their digestive health. Gluten-free does not mean you can’t eat any carbohydrates. In fact, it focuses on nutritious ancient grains like quinoa, brown rice, amaranth, corn, flax, and buckwheat. When looking for gluten-free products in the grocery store, it’s important to look for the label Certified Gluten Free. The FDA monitors these products, and they are safe for those with Celiac disease. A gluten-free diet can be a healthy choice for those with gluten sensitivity and for those looking to focus their meal plan on vegetables, protein, and ancient grains.

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