A cupcake has been a trendy dessert for several years. The variations are nearly endless. In honor of National Cupcake Day on December 12, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite cupcake recipes.

Gluten-Free Cupcakes from Clearly

Use a box of Clearly’s Gluten-Free cupcakes for easy and semi-homemade GF cupcakes. Clearly’s cupcake flavors include lemon, yellow, and chocolate.  Follow the instructions on the box for sweet gluten-free treats.

Heart Cupcakes

Spread a little love with these heart cupcakes. Using a box cake mix and a few other simple ingredients you’ll recreate this cupcake. Add heart gummy drops or your favorite gummy drops for different occasions. (Via Best Choice)

Chocolate Cupcakes

For wholesome cupcakes, opt for this all-natural recipe using Clearly Organic baking items. This is an egg-free recipe you can use for your next gathering. (Via Clearly)

Lavender Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting

For a bit more fancy cupcakes, these cupcakes are infused with lavender for a more elegant taste. Also, this homemade buttercream is sure to impress your loved ones and satisfy your taste buds. (Via Clearly)

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