Hungry for something delicious and nutritious? There’s nothing better than the fresh taste of nature and the new Markets Cuts fresh-cut fruit and vegetables in the Strack & Van Til Produce Department are the cream of the crop.

“This new line of products is part of our continued efforts to offer consistent quality in our Produce Department,” explains department Director Bob Hylka. “Not only are these high-quality, fresh-cut fruit and vegetables, but they’re also delivered fresh to our stores from a state-of-the-art production facility right in Chicago.”

Hylka says the fruit and veggies are cut and packed the night before delivery to Strack & Van Til stores, so they spend less time on a truck and have a longer shelf life. He also notes that the facility focuses on quality and food safety as priorities rather than mass production.

Another bonus is that the fruit and vegetables are pre-cut, so they’re grab-and-go and easy to serve. Pick up a pack for yourself or choose from an expanded selection of fruit trays to serve family or guests for large or small occasions. Enjoy cuts of juicy watermelon, sweet pineapple, refreshing cantaloupe and heavenly honeydew. All 16-ounce Market Cuts fruit packs are three for $12 when you buy three.

Getting your “five a day” is also easier when you include vegetables from the Strack & Van Til Produce Department’s expanded line of Market Cuts. Need some sliced or diced peppers and onions for recipes? Find them in the Produce Department along with zucchini and sweet potato noodles for healthier “pasta” dishes. It’s also grilling season, so be sure to shop for all the toppers including sliced onions that make hamburgers even tastier. Need some pico de gallo for Taco Tuesday? The Produce Department carries three flavors.

Market Cuts don’t end there. Try the Produce Department’s Grab-and-Go cups, including celery and carrot sticks, apple slices with caramel dip or mixed fruit, for quick snacks. Don’t forget that special holiday fruit and vegetable trays are offered throughout the year.

“Be sure to shop the Produce Department and bring home the fresh taste of our delicious, convenient and high-quality Market Cuts,” Hylka says. “It’s just another way that Strack & Van Til makes our customers’ lives easier by feeding them.”