If you or your child haven’t seen the movie, perhaps you know someone who has. No matter how entertaining it was, the story of Anna and Elsa pales in comparison to what’s happening in the frozen wonderland at Strack & Van Til.

While this may be the time that the weather turns the corner, frozen foods at Strack & Van Til are hot items. March is National Frozen Food Month, and for the thirteenth year in a row, your local Strack & Van Til Food Market is offering a chest freezer for purchase in March, that comes with enough coupons to stock it chock-full.

Pay just $188.88 for a Thomson 5.0-cubic-foot Chest Freezer, and you’ll get more than $450 in free product and money-saving coupons.

“It’s like getting the freezer for free,” said Strack & Van Til Sales Manager Mike Nisevich.

The annual freezer promotion has drawn a great deal of interest from shoppers, and Strack & Van Til is the only grocer in the area that runs this promotion during National Frozen Food Month in March.

“We receive phone calls after the start of the new year from people inquiring as to whether we’re running the program again this year and asking when it starts,” Nisevich noted. “This is such a unique event, and it offers our customers a great value.”

Consider this: shoppers who purchase the freezer not only can use the free product and money-saving coupons, but they can also take advantage of sale items throughout the store and fill that freezer every week. Just think of the money you can save over time by making your purchases when items are on sale and freezing them to use later.

“The wide assortment of coupons available to each customer when they purchase the freezer gives them opportunities to purchase some old favorites, as well as products they may never have tried and in most cases for free!” added Nisevich.

Just take a stroll through the Strack & Van Til Frozen Foods Department, and you’ll discover the magic we have to offer. Find a wide variety of thin and thick pizza with a broad selection of toppings and crusts along with an impressive array of ice cream. There’s also a vast assortment of breakfast foods, appetizers, frozen meals, snacks, potatoes, veggies, fruits and much, much more. Everything you can think of to stow in the new freezer is available for purchase in store, and, with your new free product and money savings coupons, you’ll get a great deal.

Don’t wait and don’t “let it go.” Be sure to take advantage of this offer today before the freezers – or the month of March – are gone. Freezer quantities are limited, and there are no rainchecks.

Remember, not only is Strack & Van Til selling reasonably priced freezers with more than $450 in free product and money-savings coupons, but it’s also the only one to do so in the Region. It’s just another way Strack & Van Til offers customers quality products, great value and outstanding customer service.