Jumping into freshly raked piles of crunchy autumn leaves, carving pumpkins, hosting late night bonfires or watching your favorite football team score a touchdown: It feels like fall, and it’s time to gather with family and friends. Serve a hearty meal and impress your guests with a colorful charcuterie board with tasty options to please all appetites.

“Visit your local Strack & Van Til Deli Department for everything you need for a simple or extravagant charcuterie board,” says Deli Department Director Kristin Snow.

Want to create your own charcuterie masterpiece? Begin with pretty layers of meats such as salami and thinly sliced prosciuttos, and cheeses cut in geometric shapes. Complete your spread with fresh fruits, berries or dried fruits, honeys, fruit preserves, mustards, olives, bruschetta, specialty crackers, breads, crispy pretzels and nuts.

“Arrange your charcuterie board fare by color, by size, by type of food or in eye-catching patterns and garnish with seasonal items,” Snow suggests. “The possibilities are endless.”

The deli department has a variety of cheeses in all textures—from curds to spreads—in an array of flavors including dill, garlic and herb, beer and plum wine. There’s also Red Apple Smoked Gouda for a creamy and smoky flavor or pepper jack with the perfect blend of sweet peppers, chilies and spicy jalapeños. Try rich and smoky brie and rich, nutty and creamy sharp cheddar aged to perfection for that extra bite. Creamy Havarti gets a kick from a bit of horseradish and pairs perfectly with crostini and red ale.

Let the Strack & Van Til Deli help you serve up a beautiful and delicious fall charcuterie board, accompanied by this cheesy pasta dish:


Smoked Gouda and Beer Gnocchi
(source: Red Apple Cheese™)
Time: 10 minutes preparation / 30 mins to cook
Servings: 4

12 ounces potato gnocchi
2 cups milk
¼ white onion
Pinch of salt
Pinch of white pepper
2 bay leaves
¼ cup butter
¼ cup flour
6 ounces Red Apple Smoked Gouda, shredded
8 ounces Amber beer (lager)

Cook gnocchi al dente in salted, boiling water until gnocchi begins to float. For the Mornay sauce, combine milk, onion, salt, pepper and bay leaves in a saucepan. Heat on stovetop until it simmers.

In a separate pan, melt butter. Once melted add flour. Combine and cook to create a roux (thickening agent). Strain milk to remove solids and return to saucepan. Mix roux into milk with a whisk. Whisk thoroughly over mid/high heat until sauce begins to thicken. Add shredded Red Apple Smoked Gouda to melt completely into sauce and add beer. Simmer for 10 minutes.

Add the cooked gnocchi to the hot Mornay sauce. Stir to completely cover gnocchi. Spoon gnocchi into a deep bowl to serve. Sprinkle more finely shredded cheese on top.