The best way to maintain a grocery budget is to buy fresh produce when it’s in season and most plentiful. The other benefit that comes along with seasonal fruits and veggies is that they always taste better.  They also have more nutrients when they’re at the peak of freshness.  Whenever possible it’s best to enjoy locally grown foods.  When food spends less time in the shipping process it can ripen on the vine, and be harvested just before it goes to market.  

The spring and summer months welcome in a plethora of fruit. May is a wonderful time for apricots, mangos, strawberries and pineapple. The list of ripe fruits grows in June with more berries, kiwi, cherries, cantaloupe and summer watermelon. A variety of lettuce is at its peak of freshness in spring. May is also the perfect time to get your fix of asparagus and rhubarb. These particular seasonal veggies don’t stick around for long. Thankfully there are a few kinds of produce that are great no matter what season. Bananas, potatoes, celery and spinach maintain a consistent price and quality year-round. Keep striving for at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables every day!  

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