The warm June sunshine brings an array of seasonal produce. Summer welcomes in a delightful crop of fruit like mangoes, berries, melons and apricots.  Seasonal fruit is more colorful, nutrient dense and cost effective during their peak and abundant times.  The extra flavor and nutrition of ripe produce makes eating healthy delicious and affordable.

June is also known for a surplus of greens that pair beautifully with the seasonal fruits. Great salads to enjoy in June are strawberry spinach salad or fresh cucumber salad with herbs.  Avocados are at their peak during the summer months.  Recently they have topped the list of trendy foods that are definitely worth adding to your weekly routine, particularly while they are in season. Avocado goes well on salads and toast or mashed up with fresh herbs for guacamole. The abundance of sunshine during the summer months allows herbs to grow easily and quickly. Most local grocery stores now sell live sweet basil and chives. If you have a nice sunny spot for a potted plant at your home you can enjoy fresh herbs all summer long. During the month of June be sure to take advantage of all the beautiful fruits and veggies this season has to offer.

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