Dreaming of a “wine” Christmas and a “hoppy” New Year? Whatever holiday you celebrate, Strack & Van Til has all your wine (and beer) needs to complement your delicious, festive meal.

Save time by buying your wine when you shop for your holiday spread at the Strack &Van Til grocery store near you. You’ll find a wide selection of red, white, rosé and blends that will complete your meal. In fact, Strack & Van Til offers 1,500 wine products across all of its stores — an extensive collection of fine domestic and imported wines.

“Cabernet Sauvignon pairs well with beef roasts, rosé goes well with ham and Chardonnay is the perfect partner for turkey,” notes Strack & Van Til Sales Manager Mike Nisevich. “Simply choose the wine that best enhances your main entrée.”

Select varieties from North America, South America, Europe, Australia and South Africa.  Strack & Van Til also regularly supports and promotes wineries from Indiana and neighboring Michigan. Walking down the wine aisle is like a tour around the globe. Options include traditional bottles, boxes and even wines in cans. Multiple brands are available in each wine type, with price ranges to please every budget. Look for featured wines in the Strack & Van Til weekly ad.

“The 750-ml bottle is our most popular size,” says Nisevich. “Purchase six 750-ml or 1.5-liter bottles and get 10% off, plus a free wine bag.”

Did you know that the color of a wine is determined by the contact that the grape juice has with grape skins? Thus, red wine is made only from blue or purple-skinned grapes. White wine can also be pressed from darker grapes, if the juice is separated from the skins. Rosé, a shade that falls between red and white, is crafted by allowing the juice to come in limited and controlled contact with dark grape skins.

The oldest known winery dates to 4100 BCE in Armenia. According to’s blog post, “100 Essential Wine Facts,” the Phoenicians introduced wine to the ancient Greeks during the 10th century BCE, and the Greeks inspired the Romans to grow grapes across their empire. Sources say U.S. vineyards were planted in Virginia when Thomas Jefferson returned from France with vine cuttings.

For more information on store selections, check the Strack & Van Til Facebook page ( for this month’s “Ask the Expert” video to learn all about beers and wines.

Celebrate the season with food, family and delicious wines (and beers) from Strack & Van Til, where wine shopping for the holidays is convenient and easy.