Busy days and a hectic schedule getting in the way of a home-cooked meal? You can’t add more hours to the day, but you can spend less time preparing dinner. Just pick up new AdapTable meals from the Meat Department in your local Strack & Van Til Food Market.

The latest addition to Strack & Van Til’s lineup of Meals Made Easy, delicious AdaptTable Meals are fresh and flavorful and ready to cook straight from the package. Just add soup, salad or a side and get ready to enjoy dinner with those who matter most.

“These tasty AdapTable items are made with real meat and natural seasonings, so you can be confident you’re serving a high-quality meal,” notes Meat Department Director Gary Teachman. “Plus, they can help make our customers’ lives easier: Most of the meals cook in 30 minutes or less and some can be prepared in just 10 minutes.”

Choose from a selection of seasoned, carefully marinated meats that contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives and measure up to the AdapTable Meals “Full on Flavor, Light on Effort” promise. Options at Strack & Van Til include:

Chophouse Blend Boneless Pork Ribeye Chops

Seasoned with garlic, onion and bell pepper, these mouthwatering chops are ready in minutes and your family is sure to snap them up in seconds. Just grill, bake or cook in a skillet.

Herb and Olive Oil Boneless Pork Tenderloin Medallions

Cut from lean, tender pork tenderloin, these mini medallions feature an herb and olive oil dry rub with basil, oregano, thyme and garlic. Healthy and delicious, they can be seared in the skillet in less than 15 minutes.

Kansas City Style BBQ Boneless Pork Loin Backrib

Unwrap these seasoned ribs, throw them on the grill and be ready to eat in 20 minutes or less. Or, put them in the oven and dig into crispy goodness in about 25 minutes. Seasoned with onion, garlic, paprika and hickory smoke, these ribs have zero artificial ingredients and more than 20 grams of protein in every bite.

Carnitas Boneless Pork Loin Roast

Get out the slow cooker and get ready to enjoy. These carnitas, which translates to “little meats,” are cut from Boston butt or picnic ham pork and are traditionally used in authentic Mexican dishes such as tacos, burritos and tortas. Seasoned with onion, garlic and lime, they’re flavorful enough to use on pizza, in sliders or atop a salad.

Garlic Butter Boneless Beef Sirloin Steaks

These tender and juicy steaks are seasoned with garlic, butter and herbs, including parsley, thyme and chili pepper. Only want one steak at a time? Each steak in the two-pack is sealed separately, so you can easily cook just one. Perfect for the grill or place in the skillet for a crispy outer coat with a juicy center.

AdapTable Meals adapt to your lifestyle and are ready to cook when you are. They’re just another way that Strack & Van Til makes customers’ lives easier by feeding them.