Planning your Thanksgiving meal? Don’t wing it. Pick up some tasty turkeys from your local Strack & Van Til and be ready for your guests to gobble them up.

Visit the Meat Department and feast your eyes on beautiful birds, including fresh, frozen, organic and locally raised turkeys that are perfect for Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays.

If you’re purchasing your poultry in advance, Strack & Van Til Meat Department Director Gary Teachman recommends a frozen turkey such as Norbest, Butterball or Butterball Farm or Family All Natural Turkey.

“Keep the turkey frozen in your freezer and defrost it a few days before Thanksgiving,” he says. “Your bird’s defrosting time depends on its weight, so remember to check the label for instructions.”

Frozen Norbest Tender Timed Young Turkey has a pop-up timer, so you know when it’s ready. This tender, juicy turkey is mountain-raised and deep basted throughout with Norbest’s natural turkey broth and natural seasonings. There are no added fats, oils, sugars or MSG, and the turkey is gluten-free. This Grade A, premium quality turkey is backed by Norbest’s total satisfaction guarantee.

Were you brought up with Butterball? Keep the tradition with flavorful Butterball Frozen Whole Turkey from the Strack & Van Til Meat Department. Raised without hormones on American farms, high-quality Butterball Frozen Whole Turkey is all-natural and gluten-free.

For a turkey that’s raised without any antibiotics, try Farm to Family by Butterball. These turkeys are fed a vegetarian diet based on whole grains, raised without any antibiotics ever and are given room to grow on family farms. Farm to Family demonstrates Butterball’s commitment to making delicious, nutritious and affordable food in a responsible way.

Opting for organic? Try Mary’s Organic Frozen Turkey. Raised on a third-generation farm, these free-range birds are fed a vegetarian diet with no added hormones and no antibiotics ever. They contain no preservatives and are gluten-free.

If fresh turkey is your favorite, the Strack & Van Til Meat Department has a leg up with some of the best birds in the Region. Choose fresh Honeysuckle White, Butterball, Farm to Family by Butterball Organic or “local” Ho-Ka whole turkeys.

“Fresh, all-natural, high-quality whole turkeys save time since there’s no need to thaw,” notes Teachman. “Pick up your turkey a day or two before you need it and keep it in the fridge.”

Honeysuckle White Fresh Whole Turkey was the first turkey brand to be raised without growth-promoting antibiotics at a reasonable price. Tender and juicy, this turkey is pre-basted for exceptional flavor.

Enjoy fresh, all-natural Butterball Whole Turkeys or select the perfect organic option. Farm to Family by Butterball turkeys are fed a whole-grain vegetarian diet, raised without antibiotics and given room to grow on family farms.

Like to shop local? Try something deliciously different: a fresh Ho-Ka Turkey from Kauffman Turkey Farms in nearby Waterman, Illinois. This hearty tom grows more slowly and develops a richer flavor and denser texture. For more than 80 years, Kauffman Turkey Farms has raised range-grown birds and is one of the last remaining independent, family-owned and operated turkey farms with its own dressing plant in the country.

Don’t let prep time ruffle your feathers. Try a quick and simple cook-in-the-bag turkey, including Jennie-O Boneless Breast, Butterball Boneless Breast and Butterball whole bone-in varieties. Even quicker is the Butterball Fully Cooked Turkey Breast, which can be warmed in 45 minutes or served as is. Pick up all the sides and fixings in the Deli Department and you’ve got a holiday meal made easy.

Holiday time is turkey time, and you’ll find the best selection of the most delicious turkeys in the Meat Department at your local Strack & Van Til.

Get them while you can. At Strack & Van Til’s great prices, they’ll fly off the shelves.