Studies show that people who eat meals together tend to have better dietary habits and consume more fruits and vegetables. Enjoying a meal with others can help improve connectedness, communication, and group problem-solving. The family meals movement began as a campaign in 2015. It was designed to shine a light on the importance of eating together as a way to stay physically and emotionally healthy.

The month of September and National Family Meals Month provide the opportunity to join the family meals movement and commit to one additional meal at home per week. There are many health and social benefits of planning a lunch or dinner with loved ones. Even the simple act of grocery shopping together can be a great time of connection. Start small with quick and easy meals, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. The Clearly by Best Choice website has many recipes and articles for guidance on how to build a healthy meal. Consistent, well-balanced dinners can ultimately lead to an improved quality of life.