Mahatma Gandhi is credited with saying: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

What if your actual change or coins could make a difference in your community?

Thanks to Strack & Van Til’s Checkout Challenge Round Up from Monday, May 20 through Sunday, June 2, Opportunity Enterprises, TradeWinds and Jasper County Community Services will see that happen. Customers across the Region can choose to round up their purchase to the nearest dollar when shopping at their local Strack & Van Til store. Those extra funds will be donated to the organizations.

Strack & Van Til has been supporting TradeWinds for 26 years. The Merrillville organization serves children of all abilities and adults with physical and developmental disabilities throughout Northwest Indiana. Services include child care and therapy, youth programs, summer and functional skills camps and speech and occupational therapy; Adult Day Activity Program and Training (ADAPT); pre-vocational training for adults of all abilities 18 and older; employment services, residential group homes and supported living; deaf services; TradeWinds Community Pantry and Chicago Lighthouse Low Vision Clinic and more.

The Participant Assistance and Care (PAC) program provides individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities assistance so they can live successfully in their own homes and function and participate in their communities, with support and monitoring needed to ensure their health and safety. TradeWinds Respite Care services offer respite for caregivers by fully trained staff.

“Your donation will help children and adults with special needs enjoy more activities. It will help with summer camps art projects, outings and life experiences and much more,” says TradeWinds CEO Jon Gold. “Your generosity is much appreciated.”

According to their website, “Opportunity Enterprises, founded in 1967, is a nonprofit organization that strives to help individuals with developmental disabilities reach their fullest potential and live a full, enriching life.”

The Valparaiso-based organization provides essential services to children and adults with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, cognitive delays, traumatic brain injuries, severe physical and mental disabilities, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, loss of limbs and other delays and disabilities. They offer a supportive environment where people with disabilities can learn and increase their skills.

Neil Samahon, president and CEO of Opportunity Enterprises says: “The mission of Opportunity Enterprises is to create inclusive and equitable opportunities for people of all abilities. Our services empower people to live the lives they want, whether that means developing career skills, finding meaningful work or living independently. We provide jobs through our social enterprises, offer a fully inclusive summer day camp, work with high school students to develop post-graduation plans and offer respite services to caregivers.

“OE has a long history with Strack & Van Til, and we’re grateful to Mr. Strack for his continued support of our mission. The Checkout Challenge Round Up not only helps fund the important work we do in Northwest Indiana, but it also helps spread awareness of our organization. We’re also extremely grateful to the generous customers who choose to round up in support of OE.”

Jasper County Community Services is a nonprofit social service organization. From health and wellness, safety, nutrition, financial and Medicare programs, exercise classes, arts and crafts, music and social events and senior awareness workshops, the JCCS senior centers are ever changing to meet the needs of a growing community.

According to Executive Director Sharon Colee, JCCS serves approximately 1,000 lunch meals each month to those 60 and older and more than 650 households received Energy Assistance — a one-time utility credit — during the 2023-2024 program year. The organization provides participants with safe, reliable public transportation across the county from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday via public transportation vehicles.

The proceeds from the Checkout Challenge Round Up will help further programs and services in Jasper County to better serve the community.

“JCCS makes a difference in the quality of life for participants through programs and services that allow measurable improvements in physical, social, emotional, mental, educational and individual well-being,” states Colee. “We greatly appreciate the Check Out Challenge Round Up opportunity that will support many avenues of direct support to those we serve. This is an investment into the lives of others every day.”

Strack & Van Til continues their more than 94-year tradition of philanthropy by raising funds through the Checkout Challenge Round Up program to help organizations in the communities they serve throughout Northwest Indiana.

President and CEO Jeff Strack credits Strack & Van Til customer generosity and the commitment of Strack & Van Til employees for the success of the Checkout Challenge Round Ups.

“Our stores, with the help of our employees, provide our customers with an outlet to give to some of their favorite local organizations,” he explains. “Our customers are the ones who give back to the community and we are so grateful for them.”

Show your support for TradeWinds, Opportunity Enterprises and Jasper County Community Services by participating in Strack & Van Til’s Checkout Challenge Round Up.

For more information on programs, to volunteer or to donate, visit TradeWinds at, Opportunity Enterprises at and Jasper County Community Services at To learn more about how Strack & Van Til gives back to the communities in which they serve, visit