Coconut milk is a perfect non-dairy substitute for a variety of recipes! Join our resident dietitian, Rebecca, as she explores the versatility of cooking and baking with coconut milk. Learn more about this rich and creamy ingredient today!


Coconut milk is the perfect non-dairy substitute for a variety of recipes. The natural fat content of coconuts creates a rich creamy flavor that goes well in soups, stews, curries, sauces, and a wide range of frozen or hot beverages. Canned coconut differs greatly from the boxed variety. The best option for cooking and baking is canned coconut due to its thickness and ability to pair well with bold spices. Asian inspired flavor profiles make wonderful sauces and stews when simmered in rich coconut milk.

Rice, oats, and quinoa soak up the fresh flavor of coconut milk resulting in a creamy yet nutty grain dish. It is a wonderful base for grilled shrimp or chicken kabobs. Simply cook your favorite grains with canned coconut milk, verses water. It’s a surprise to most people that coconut milk has a very mild coconut flavor. It often takes on the dominate spice added during the cooking process, enhancing savory, and sweet recipes. Be creative and try coconut milk in some of your favorite recipes for a new creamy twist and flavor boost.