Eating Healthy on a Budget

Buying wholesome and nutritious food doesn’t have to cost more. With a few simple planning techniques and a well balanced grocery list, you can leave the store feeling motivated to prepare a cost effective meal.

The first key to eating well on a budget starts before you even get to the store. Making a list not only gives you focus and efficiency while shopping, it also helps you plan meals for the week.  If you make a shopping list, it can help you think through how leftovers can be used which saves time and money.

The second key to eating well on a budget is buying seasonal produce. In the fall, sweet potatoes and squash are at the peak of freshness and affordability. While berries and melons are best in summer and citrus is best in the winter. If you find that your budget is extra tight, certain produce is reasonably priced year round.  For example bananas, apples, cabbage, lemons, limes, spinach and potatoes typically have a fair and set price throughout the year.

The third way to eat healthy on a budget is by purchasing proteins and grains that are nutrient dense.  Meaning foods like oats, quinoa, beans, sunflower and chia seeds, lentils and nut butters are satisfying and wholesome. Therefore, they fill you up with a reasonable portion.

Meal planning, no matter what your budget, is a valuable activity. Smart shopping makes eating well sustainable.

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