Keeping your pantry clean and organized can help you find things easier, preventing food and money waste. Whether you have a small pantry or a large one it’s important to take time at least once a year to declutter and check expiration dates. This way you’ll be aware of canned goods that need to be used and potentially find a treasure in the back of your cupboard. Here are five tips for keeping your pantry organized.

Clear out the space. Start by removing everything from the shelves and cabinets. Wipe down the surfaces and vacuum up crumbs. Take this time to check all expiration dates on cans and boxes. Clean off the grime on the outside of the honey jar and oil containers.
Group items into categories. Place snacks, cereals, soups, canned veggies and beans in their own areas. Get rid of items you don’t intend to use and consider donating any, non-expired, items that you have in surplus.
Pay special attention to baked goods and spices. Some baking items like flour or seeds can be prone to pests while oils and nuts can go rancid after awhile. Replacing baking items once a year is good practice for the highest quality cooking experience. Dried spices can last a while but you might forget how long you’ve held onto some unconventional spices if you don’t check the expiration.
Use bins, containers or baskets to keep things organized. This helps you to use products in the right order and more easily see what you have.
Label bins, storage containers or sections of the pantry. This will help keep your pantry decluttered and clean. Put spices in alphabetical order for easy selection and storage. Having a tidy work space helps you be more efficient and productive.

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