It’s time to break out the grill. No need to cook inside on a beautiful spring or summer day. More flavor can be brought out of meats and veggies when they are cooked on an open flame. During this grilling season, try cooking a few new foods you have never enjoyed from the grill before.  From seafood to steak or fruit and veggies, there are many delicious ways to enjoy an entire meal from your outdoor grill.  Traditional hamburgers and hot dogs can be complemented with some grilled onion, zucchini and yellow squash. Meals from the grill are  convenient and delicious.

When you’re planning to cook multiple different items on the grill, a little prep work goes a long way. Marinating meats well in advance and pre-chopping vegetables can make your cooking time outside more successful. Having a grilling timeline also helps ensure that each food is grilled at the right temperature and for the appropriate length of time.  Cooking outside is one of the best ways to fully enjoy nature. Getting fresh air and vitamin D from the sun can boost your mood and make you feel more energetic, so let’s get grilling!

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