The holiday season is a time to eat, drink, and be merry. So, it can be challenging to stick with your normal nutrition and exercise habits. However, a little good intention goes a long way. If you desire to eat well and exercise any time of year, make it happen! Here are a few tips to set you up for a successful healthy holiday season.

If you are traveling during the holidays, bring healthy snacks and light exercise equipment, like exercise bands. Healthy snacks like apples, carrots, nuts, and string cheese help you avoid junk foods during a long day of travel. Having exercise bands in your travel bag can remind you that exercising in your room during any break time is possible.
Don’t give up exercise. Even if it’s just a short walk, a few squats, or 10 push-ups. Consider adjusting your activity to be 5-minute sections a few times a day to replace a longer visit to the gym when you don’t have the time.
Drink plenty of water! Invest in a good water bottle that is easy to take along on all your daily activities.
Avoid going places when you’re hungry. If you’re attending a late evening dinner or gathering, have a protein and vegetable-based snack in the afternoon, so you don’t arrive starving. Getting too hungry often leads to overeating.
Enjoy a diet rich in fiber, good fats, and protein. All these factors promote fullness and reduce your appetite.
Keep the healthy leftovers and give the pastries, cake, cookies, and processed foods away. Simply put, keep the foods you are trying to avoid out of sight and out of mind.