Your waffle maker doesnt just have to be the source of delicious breakfast food. Waffle makers can be used to cook a variety of different creations. Since waffle makers apply heat to both sides of food they can work like a panini press and cook things evenly and fast. Here are five fun ways to use your waffle maker.  

  1. Quesadillas. All you need is flour tortilla shells, shredded cheese, and salsa. Heat the flour tortillas with a warm waffle iron, add your filling and heat until the cheese melts.  
  1. Grilled cheese. Use your favorite bread and cheese, place buttered bread right on the waffle irons and heat until bread is golden and cheese is melted.  
  1. Pizza. A quick and delicious pizza can come from your waffle iron. Make a pizza crust or use a prepared dough from the refrigerated section. Spread pizza dough onto the iron and cook about 5 minutes. Lift the lid and add your favorite toppings and cheese. Hold the lid slightly open to melt the cheese. 
  1. Cornbread. Use a box of cornbread mix or make your own cornbread batter. Pour the batter onto your waffle iron and cook just like you would a waffle.  
  1. Brownies. Use your favorite store-bought or homemade brownie recipe, but add an extra egg. Then pour the batter onto your waffle maker and cook until the brownies have reached your desired doneness.  

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