Steak sauce is a surprisingly versatile condiment. Most good steaks don’t need much help from a sauce.  However, many people find that flank steak or other lean meats like poultry and pork benefit from a flavorful dip. Therefore, steak sauce has become a general name for a savory condiment. The rich and bold flavor of this sauce can be used to enhance vegetables and meat. It is a blend of vinegar, tomato purée, molasses, spices and herbs. Here are four different foods that taste great with steak sauce.

Potatoes – Baked potatoes, French fries and even mashed potatoes go great with a savory dip. Roasted and mashed cauliflower can also pair nicely, mixed with potatoes, for extra nutrients.
Eggs – If you enjoy eggs with a side of ketchup try steak sauce instead. The bold natural spices in steak sauce add a different twist to scrambled and fried eggs.
Greens – Thick greens like chard, spinach and kale cook up beautifully with olive oil, onions and steak sauce. For every 16 ounces of greens add 1/4 cup of steak sauce while wilting the greens.
Veggie burgers – Baste your veggie burger with steak sauce during grilling or broiling. You don’t have to be eating meat to enjoy a classic steak sauce.


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