Quinoa is a superfood that can be enjoyed year-round in a variety of dishes. It is a fiber and nutrient rich food that’s naturally gluten-free. There are several varieties of quinoa. You might find red, black, and white quinoa at the store. The darker varieties tend to be firmer but they all can be cooked and used in the same way. Many people enjoy mixing the colors to add texture and visual appeal. The versatile nature of quinoa makes it work great in savory and sweet recipes.

If you make a pot of quinoa at the beginning of the week you could add it to food at every meal. Breakfast can be more filling with cooked quinoa and a fried egg. It also pairs well with dried fruit, yogurt, and nuts in a bowl of porridge. The most common way you see quinoa used is in salads. It is a great addition to mixed greens and roasted veggies. Quinoa along with beans and spices can make a mean veggie burger that’s filling and nutritious. Next time you are making soup try adding quinoa for texture and flavor. It goes particularly well in chili and tomato-based soups. Lastly, you can find lots of recipes with quinoa in cakes, muffins, sweet breads and crumbles. Check out these flavorful and nutritious recipes highlighting quinoa.


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