Do you remember the cartoon that featured the “home of the future?” Meals were made with just the touch of a button, robots did housework and kids jetpacked to school. Strack & Van Til Food Markets can’t make cars fly, but its website can make your life easier with simple recipes, instructional videos, easy ingredient ordering and delivery to your door, all with just a few clicks of your mouse.

How can you get help planning a meal and shopping for the fixings? Log onto, click on the Recipes tab and you’ll find everything you “knead” to whip up a great meal. Choose from scores of recipes to make your life easier, including delicious meals, seafood, healthy selections, instant pot options and delectable desserts, all with easy-to-follow instructions baked in.

Four of the recipe categories at change with the season. Logon now and you’ll find recipes for seasonal Summer Salads, BBQ Grilling, Summer Entertaining and Grilling Burgers. Recipes for heartier dishes and Halloween and Thanksgiving specialties are waiting on the back burner for Fall.

Found a recipe you love and want to save it? Create an online account at and store your favorite recipes for future reference, print them out or email them to friends or family. Click on the button at the bottom of each recipe to save it to your recipe “book,” print or email it

Ready to cook or bake? Save time by ordering the ingredients listed in your favorite Strack & Van Til recipe right from the website and then have the items conveniently delivered to your door by Instacart. Look for the green “Order ingredients on Instacart” button at the bottom of every recipe.

Strack & Van Til can’t make your food cook itself, but it can make your life much easier with tried-and-true recipe ideas, easy-to-follow instructions and a way to instantly order the ingredients for an unforgettable meal. Visit to get started.