What’s perfect on its own as well as a complement to your meal? Lettuce tell you about salads! Salads are full of antioxidants and vitamins and can help you get your five servings of fruits and veggies per day. Strack & Van Til is proud to carry Bright Farms Greenhouse Grown Salad Greens, grown in Rochelle, Ill.

Because they’re locally grown, they get from the farm to our stores more quickly, so they’re much fresher. Because they’re raised in greenhouses, these crispy, crunchy greens can be grown 365 days a year, providing you with what you need to make delicious side, chopped or entree salads.

“Bright Farms ensures top-notch food safety,” says Strack & Van Til Director of Produce Bob Hylka. “These Greenhouse Grown Salad Greens are pesticide-free and washed before packing, so they’re safe to eat right out of the package.”

Which is the best variety? It’s a toss-up! Every one of Bright Farms Salad Greens is known for quality and consistency. Try a refreshing Spring Mix or Baby Butter Lettuce, a soft, sweet lettuce ideal for salads. Enjoy classic Romaine or Sunny Crunch, a better, crunchier iceberg. Arugula has a bit of peppery flavor to add spice to a mix of greens, and Bright Farms is expanding its Rochelle Greenhouse to include Baby Spinach, which will be in our stores in the next month.

Want to be rewarded for buying Bright Farms Greenhouse Grown Salad Greens? How about taking our Salad Club for a spin?

Download the Strack & Van Til app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and purchase Bright Farms Greenhouse Grown Salad Greens. After purchasing your 10th pack, you’ll automatically receive a digital offer for a free package of Bright Farms Salad on your next shopping trip. Purchases to be eligible for the free salad can be made in more than one trip.

Bright Farms Greenhouse Grown Salad Greens and our Salad Club: More ways that Strack & Van Til is committed to providing the best in local produce and making our customers’ lives easier.