Long, sun-drenched summer days call for family picnics, baseball games, beaches, barbecues and kicking back with a cool beverage and a snack. Charcuterie boards, whether simple or extravagant, provide the perfect finger food to complement your warm-weather gatherings, and the Strack & Van Til Deli Department has everything you need to create a spread to impress.

Go bold or go mild. Build your board with your favorite meats and cheeses from around the world, blend flavors that complement the season and choose your beverage with pairings to complement your choices. Cheese cut in geometric shapes and meats arranged in pretty layers produce a charcuterie board with eye-catching appeal.

“We created the fresh deli Red, White and Blue Goodness Summer Charcuterie Board,” says Strack & Van Til Deli Director Kristin Snow. “Be sure to pick up the ingredients in the Deli Department so you can assemble your own.”

Begin with Briette cheese, which has a creamy texture with the boldness of a blue, and Jalapeño and Cheddar Pub cheese that’s smooth and creamy with a dash of heat. Marinated fresh mozzarella is bathed with fresh herbs and extra virgin olive oil for a zesty herbed kick. Everything Bagel Cheddar blends salt, onion, poppy seed and garlic, and Sartori Bella Vitano is a hard cheese with nutty, fruity flavors. Aged balsamic and Cipollini onion is sweet and nutty with a tangy balsamic finish and bleu cheeses are sticky and nutty on your cheese knife but start out tender and mild with your first bite before it releases a delicate beery bitterness. Finally, Smoked Gouda and beer cheese spread is made with nutty and smoky Gouda and a touch of slightly sweet pimiento, and infused with a splash of brown ale.

Enhance your charcuterie experience with flavorful salamis, delicate thinly slices of prosciuttos, fresh fruits and berries, dried fruits, fruit preserves, honey, olives, bruschetta, specialty crackers or breads, cheese crisps and nuts.

Perfectly pair your cheese with wine or beer that elevates the flavor. For instance, Gouda pairs well with Chardonnay or Nut Brown Ale. Fresh Mozzarella goes well with a dry white wine or a Pilsner beer and Bleu Cheese partners with full-bodied red wine or an amber beer.

Make this summer one to remember, with a delicious charcuterie board created with the ingredients available at your local Strack & Van Til Food Market.