The new rage in kitchen appliances is an electric pressure cooker. Compared to other methods of cooking like steaming and boiling, pressure cooking can help save time while also retaining more of the vitamins in your food. The idea of pressure cooking has been around for hundreds of years. The modern version involves an electric appliance versus a stovetop pressure pot. Electric cookers have proven to be safer, easier, and more convenient.  They work by using high-pressure steam in a sealed vessel. This limits boiling and allows the food to cook at higher temperatures.  The high thermal heat transfer makes food cook more quickly.


An entire meal can be prepared in one pot using an electric pressure cooker. The sealed airtight environment makes flavors develop quickly while locking in nutrients and aromas. By cooking food more quickly vegetables retain their shape and meats keep their natural juices. Even tough cuts of meat can be made more tender by pressure cooking. Some people often wonder if pressure cooking affects the nutritional value of food. Studies have shown that in the case of most foods, particularly grains and legumes, high heat transfer increases the digestibility of certain proteins and fiber.  This also makes essential nutrients more bioavailable. Since pressure cooking significantly reduces cook time more vitamins and minerals stay locked in your foods. There are definitely reasons why pressure cookers have been around for hundreds of years. The modern pressure cooker is once again growing in popularity.

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